Yo' Momma Says Yo' Ugly!
Tune: None

Feet down! Ass up!
That's the way we like to fuck
Yo' mama, yo' mama.
Yo' mama says you ugly.

You ain't got no alibi
Yo' ugly, yo' ugly.
Yo' mama says you ugly.

I can't look at you no more
Yo' ugly, yo' ugly.
Yo' mama says you ugly.

I can't even concentrate
Yo' ugly, yo' ugly.
Yo' mama says you ugly.

You don't even know that guy.
Yo' ugly, yo' ugly.
Yo' daddy says you ugly

He is really your daddy
Yo' uncle, yo' uncle,
Yo' uncle is yo' daddy

That's who you'll be marryin'
Yo' cousin, yo' cousin,
Yo' cousin says you ugly

That's what your kids'll be
Yo'r inbred, yo'r inbred,
Yo'r kids all say you ugly

Drink it down, down, down, down


I learned this cheer at the 2004 Colorado InviHASHional at Winter Pork. Several people have told me that this cheer (or some reasonable facsimile) was in the movies Wildcats (1986) and Bring It On (2000). However, it's not original in either. Magically Delicious tells me that she heard this from her high school's cheerleaders in Alabama in the late ‘70's.

Poopa Trooper taught me the sixth verse in September 2005.

And Just Mars taught us the third and fourth verses at a Hash in January 2006. I put them in this particular order.

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