Walkin' 'Round in Womens' Underwear
Tune:  Winter Wonderland 

Lacy things, the wife is missin',
Didn't ask for her permission,
I'm wearin her clothes_silk panty hose,
Walkin' round in womens' underwear.

In the store, there's a teddy
Little straps, like spaghetti
It holds me so tight, like handcuffs at night
Walkin' round in womens' underwear.

In the office there's a guy named Melvin,
He pretends that I am Murphy Brown,
He'll say are you ready, I'll say whoa man,
Let's wait until the wife is out of town.

Later on, if you wanna,
We can dress like Madonna,
Put on some eye shade and join the parade
Walkin' round in womens' underwear.

Drink it down, down, down, down

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