Who Can Turn the Hash On With Her Wiggle?
Tune:  Love Is All Around 
 Theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show 

Who can turn the Hash on with her wiggle?
Who can take a lousy trail
      And make it worthwhile with her half-mind giggle?
Well, it's you, girl. You know you dig it.
So drop your shorts. I wanna bend down and lick it.
Orgasms all around; no need to fake 'em.
All the tongues you want; reach out and take 'em.
You're gonna cu-um after all!

Drink it down, down, down, down,

Lyrics by Jeff “Little Head” Hutchinson, Denver H3


At work one day, I web-browsed to a webpage that had a MIDI file of this theme music playing and discovered that—20 years or so after the show went off the air—I still knew all the words, including the “meow” from the cat (the production company?) that always played after the opening credits ran. The line “orgasms all around, no need to fake 'em” floated through my head and I knew I had to write this song.

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Created   :   2003 August 29
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Author   :   Jeff "Little Head" Hutchinson
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