Piss Poor Beer
Tune:  Goober Peas 

Once the trail is over on a summer's day,
Laughin' with my kennel mates, boozin' hours away,
Circlin' in the shadows underneath the trees.
Gawd! It's so disgusting chuggin' beers like these!
PBR! Milwaukee's Best! No beer is worse than this.
Gawd! It's so revolting chuggin' horse's piss!

Drink it down, down, down, down,

Lyrics by Jeff “Little Head” Hutchinson, Denver H3


I wrote this one on trail just above Eldorado Springs, Colorado. It appeared almost full-blown in my head after a Beer Check on an extremely hot day consisted of The Beast of Milwaukee and Pabst Blue Ribbon. In the fifth line, fill in the names of the crappy beer that you happen to be drinking in Circle, e.g. “Coors Light! Budweiser! No beer is worse …”.

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Created   :   2003 August 29
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Author   :   Jeff "Little Head" Hutchinson
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