The Hash House Harriers
Tune:  Theme from The Addams Family 

Their drinking is compulsive.
Their running is convulsive.
They're morally repulsive,
The Hash House Harriers.

Their flatulence is rude and,
Their genitals protrude when,
They're running in the nude in,
The Hash House Harriers.

They're always shiggy tracking,
From constantly bushwhacking,
Intelligence they're lacking,
The Hash House Harriers.


    [Snap fingers with the words "Down Down"]
Da da da da, Down Down.
Da da da da, Down Down.
Da da da daa, Da da da daa,
Da da da da, Down Down.


In the past, I haven't sung this one often. For some reason, I have a mental block about the middle verse: I usually skip it, then get confused. That's why I put the key words from the second, then third verse on my cheat sheet.

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