The Frenchman in the Lavatory
Tune:  La Marseillaise 

A Frenchman went to the lavat'ry
For to have a jolly good shit. (SHIT! SHIT!)
He took his coat and his trousers off
So that he could revel in it. (IT! IT!)
But when he reached for the paper
He found that someone had been there before
"Ou est le papier?
Ou est le papier?
Monsieur, monsieur,
J'at fait manure.
Ou est le papier?"
Drink it down, down, down, down,


I got this from Paul “Flying Booger” Woodford's Half-Mind Hymnal: A Songbook for Hash House Harriers. I dug it out and learned it in preparation for the Bastille Day Hash that Short Dick@Law and I hared in July, 2001.

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