Free Beer
Tune:  Itself 

Some guys like that bottled beer,
Some like it in a can,
Some say a keg's the best beer
For the real beer-drinkin' man.
Everyone has their favorite,
But one thing we agree:
The greatest beer in all the world
Is the one we drink for free!

Free Beer! Free Beer! That's my fav'rite brand.
If I didn't have to buy it, it's the best beer in the land.
Warm, flat, funky: it don't matter to me
The greatest beer in this whole world is the one you buy for me.

Drink it down, down, down, down,

Da Yoopers, "Diehards II"


I learned this from someone from Orange County when they visited Denver in 2008; then found the CD online at

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Created   :   2009 July 26
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