Drink With Me
Tune:  Drink With Me (The Night) 
 Les Miserables 

Drink with me to days gone by.
Sing with me the songs we knew.
Here's to pretty girls who went to our beds,
Here's to witty girls who made us give head.
Here's to them and here's to us.

Drink with me. Let's say farewell
To the hounds "Fore'er On Trail".
At the shrine of friendship never say, "Die".
Let the keg of friendship never run dry.
Now to them we raise an ale.

Lyrics by Bruce “Slug Sucker” (“NIPS”), P2H4 and Jeff ”Little Head” Hutchinson, DH3


SlugSucker (NIPS), of P2H4 and I wrote this (NIPS's inspiration; I just did a bit of polishing) for the P2H4's “Forever On Trail” run in 2004, the first since the death of ZiPpY tHe CyBeRpImP. I don't honestly expect it to be sung too widely, the tune is rather difficult to learn and to sing.

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