Bringing Up The Rear
Tune:  Bringing In The Sheaves 

Bringin' up the rear
Bringin' up the rear
We shall come too late for beer,
Bringin' up the rear

Drink it down, down, down, down,

Lyrics by Jeff “Little Head” Hutchinson, and Dan “Full Mountie” Dofher, both of Denver H3.


In October 2005, Full Mountie and I—both of us mildly injured—were at the back of the pack climbing a LONG hill. Suddenly inspiration struck (two killed, news at ten)

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Created   :   2005 November 11
Modified   :   2005 November 24, 28; 2006 January 28: 2010 February 24
Author   :   Jeff "Little Head" Hutchinson
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