Anthem of the Boulder Flatlander Hash
Tune:  ? 

We're the ______ Hashers,
We're glad to be here,
We'll out-sing your Songmeister,
We'll drink all your beer!
We'll fuck all your women,
Then we'll puke in your car,
We're the ______ Hashers,
The best Hash by far!!!

We're the ______ Hashers,
And we run the town by night.
We're up and down the alleyways,
We know the hares by sight.
We're just a pack of randy hounds.
We've run from far to near.
We're the ______ Hashers,
Just pass another beer.

Drink it down, down, down, down


I call this song the Flatlander Anthem because that's where I learned it. The first verse is the Fort Eustis H3 anthem, but I've never seen a Hash Hymnal that lists the second verse.

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