I Came Down to the Breakfast Table
Tune:  Itself 

I came down to the breakfast table
Felt like I could die.
I tried so hard but wasn't able
To look you in the eye.
For I'm feeling so much shame;
I know I've brought disgrace
Can tell I've soiled my good name
By the look upon your face.

Well, it seems last night
You caught me spankin' it.
No use denyin' it:
I was really crankin' it.
Well, dry your eyes,
Don't be so sad.
If you could just forgive me
And talk to me, Dad.

Drink it down, down, down, down,

Words and music by Stephen Lynch


Once upon a time, Oral Achiever was a virgin. He came out to a Boulder Flatlander Hash. During Circle, he (somewhat timidly) announced that he had a song that might fit into our fine repertoire and sang this. For the first few lines, we weren't sure he had QUITE gotten the idea. Then, we realized that indeed, he had MOST DEFINITELY gotten the idea … and spent about five minutes rolling on the ground laughing.

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