Huge Balls
Tune:  Itself 

As I was walking down the street
A fine young man I happened to meet
He was givin' the girls a helluva treat
By twistin' and turnin' his balls
      And they were large balls,
      Huge balls.
      Balls as heavy as lead, cha-cha
      With a dextrous twist
      Of his muscular wrist
      He tossed 'em right over his head
      Sha-ra-ra-boom! Sha-ra-ra-boom! Sha-ra-ra-boom! Boom! Boom!

A p'liceman to the scene was brought.
He said, "A lesson'll have to be taught
'Cause there's no reason why anyone ought
To be twistin' and turnin' his balls

The pris'ner standing in the dock,
He gave the judge a helluva shock
By insisting on showing the jury his cock
And twistin' and turnin' his balls

The judge he said, "The case is clear.
The fine'll be a barrel of beer
For any young bugger who comes in here
Twistin' and turnin' his balls

Drink it down, down, down, down,


I learned this from Sinbad, formerly of Houston H3, now Hashing here in the Denver area.

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