Twenty-Four Beers
Tune:  Sixteen Tons 

Some people think a man is made of muscle and blood,
Well, a Hasher's made outta shiggy an' mud:
Shiggy an' mud an' a barrel of ale.
A Half-Mind runnin' on a Hashin' trail

You drink twenny-four beers
Whadda ya get?
A whole lot drunker and a little bit wet
St. Peter doncha call me,
It's gonna make you frown
I can't go to heaven 'til I do this Down- ...

Down, down, down, down,

Lyrics by Jeff “Little Head” Hutchinson, Denver H3; Lloyd “Short Dick@Law” Boyer, Denver H3; and Kipp “Can't Cum In A Hole” Welch, Phoenix H3


I had bits and pieces of this put together (and the original words) when the three of us got into Short Dick's Blazer to head up to the 2002 Colorado Invihashional from Denver. Between the three of us, we whipped it into shape and the song made its first appearance the next day at Saturday's Circle high up on the hill above Snow'ass. (Shortly before Chuck E Cheeks chugged the pint of Wild Turkey. *shudder* “I'm not worthy!”)

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