Welcome to Little Head's Hymnal website.

Click here for Little Head's “cheat sheet” of Down-Down songs: each with a link to full lyrics and, in most cases, tunes. This “cheat sheet” has reached 100 songs and is still growing.

The lyrics and tunes shown here are simply the way I sing them when I'm leading Circle. I make no claim for their “correctness”. Indeed, in one particular instance, I claim that it's incorrect … but I still sing it that way.

For several years--well, for all seven years since I started this web page--I have been announcing “Coming soon: words and tunes to some of the longer songs”. Well, due to a particular such song and my efforts to learn it, I've actually started the damn thing. Click here to find the small list that will continue to grow.

In addition, I have collected a few “Hashmas” songs, starting with a page that got passed around at Denver's Hashes in the Yuletide season for many years. This is simply a Word document with lyrics only. Tunes are indicated and most English speakers will have a reasonable chance at knowing all or most of the tunes. Click here to download the “Hashmas” songs file.

If you know a song that I don't have listed here—especially songs appropriate for Down-Down songs—please contact me! (My e-mail address is Hutchinson "period" Jeff "at-sign" gmail "period" com and is listed on every page.) Tell me the words and, if you know it, the tune. If you don't know that the tune is, for example, Handel's “Ave Maria”, say that it's “the same as the song that ends ‘She's a Harriette’” or that it “sounds a little like ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ as sung by Dean Martin” or some such. Tell me about where you learned it, too, or if you wrote it yourself, tell me the story of the writing.

Info About Me

My Hash names are “Little Head” and “Shut Yer Manhole”. I'm known in the wanker world as “Hutch”. I've been Hashing since early May of 1997.

I live in Colorado, USA—in a suburb of Boulder—and Hash regularly (more or less :-) with my mother Hash, the Boulder Hash (BH3), the Boulder Flatlander Hash (BFH3), the Colorado Full Moon Hash House Harriers (CFMH3, my Mother Hash), the Colorado Kimchi Hash (CKH3), the Denver Hash (DH3), the Fort Collins Hash (FCH3), and the Pikes Peak Hash (P2H4).

Until August 2012, I lived and Hashed in the Front Range area of Colorado: Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and occasionally Cheyenne (Wyoming). Now I live in the wilds of far southwestern Virginia and only get to Hash at scattered intervals

You can reach me via e-mail at Hutchinson "period" Jeff "at-sign" gmail "period" com.

Links (If you find that any of these links are no longer valid, please let me know by e-mail at Hutchinson dot Jeff at gmail dot com.)

Most of the MIDI tune files on these pages were created using ABC. ABC is a standard for recording and transferring musical symbology in a text format. If you know “how to read the dots”, you can create simple tune files like these quickly and easily. I use the following programs to manipulate ABC: ABC2WIN and abcMIDI.

For information on the ABC standard, see the ABC web page at <http://abc.sourceforge.net/> and <http://staffweb.cms.gre.ac.uk/~c.walshaw/abc/>.

I use the ABC2WIN program for most of my ABC creation. As of this writing (2005 November), you can find that program at <http://abc2win.com/>.

abcMIDI is a suite of DOS-based tools for working with ABC and MIDI files. It includes software for manipulating MIDI files and ABC files in several useful ways. Again, s of this writing (still 2005 November), you can find this software at at <http://abcplus.sourceforge.net/>.

I acknowledge a great debt to Flying Booger and his Hash Hymnal, freely available on-line at the Half-Mind Catalog <http://half-mind.com/Songs/>. I have also learned some of these songs and their accompanying tunes from the following websites:

The MudCat Cafe
THE site for folk/blues music information and talk on the web.
The Jack Horntip Collection (fka "Immortalia")
Jack is collecting bawdy songs from their current singers (the Hash, ruggers, and the military). He is following in the footsteps of Alan Lomax, Ed Cray, Ewan McColl, and the WPA's Folk Music projects. On his site, you can hear many people singing the songs he collects: including (“oh, the funky horror”) yours truly, singing many of the songs at this web site.
Global Trash
Another good site for Hashing information on the web, with a decent hymnal of its own.

Copyright Information

Every page here is copyrighted. This is not to say that I claim copyright on the lyrics or the tunes. I only claim copyright on the web page (presentation, organization, etc.) itself. The exceptions to this statement are the songs that I actually wrote (whether by myself or with others). On those I do claim copyright. I hereby give permission to any Hasher to sing them in Circle or in other company of Hashers or when you're driving down the highway. Just don't claim that you wrote it and don't try to sell it.

A few of the songs may be covered by other's copyrights. I've tried to indicate that where I believe it to be so, but in no case do I know it to be so. If you hold copyright on material listed here, please contact me at the e-mail address listed on that page. I intend to respect copyright holder's wishes. However, most of this material is clearly in the public domain and thus ineligible for copyright protection.

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